Standard Rates

Our standard onsite diagnostic/repair rates are kept simple. Pricing reflect the difficulty of the type of work. Prices listed are per service – additional software and hardware not included.

Our rates are metered every 15 minutes after the first hour, unless a minimum charge is specified. This does not apply to non-standard hours or emergency work.

Onsite Client Service $120 an hour
Server Service, Security, Scripting $180 an hour
Laptops and Notebooks $120 an hour onsite and $100 per hour in workshop.
System Tuneup and Preventative Maintenance $120 an hour
Audio Visual Setups $120 an hour
Workshop Rate $100 an hour with a 2 - 3 business day turnaround.
Trip Fees Most locations in the greater San Diego area are within our jurisdiction. Please call us for more details.
After Hours, Weekend, and Holiday Work 50% Additional. Weekends are double time, holidays are triple time.
Flat Rates We may agree to negotiate flat rates on a case by case basis.