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ONSITE+ Prepaid Time Blocks: A smart way to plan ahead and reduce expenses!

For more flexible payment with less hassle, we offer prepaid blocks of service time. Available in 10 and 20 hour blocks, you pay for your time up front and get rewarded with a discounted rate.

When there is a service need, just call and we will react with priority. You will not have to worry about the cost, you already know you have it covered at the best price possible. We will send you an invoice with the use and remaining balance. Plus, all hours go toward any standard service we already provide like computer tune-ups or computer cleaning. Your unused prepaid time never expires, protect against future rate increases, and can even be put towards hardware and software purchases for added flexibility.

ONSITE+ hours are also good toward after-hours, weekend and emergency response rates. Instead of costing an additional fee per hour, a single pre-paid hour will be used as a one time fee per response in addition to normal hours needed. This could save you $400+ on an all night emergency repair!

Purchase 10 hours and receive an hour free!

Purchase 20 hours and receive 3 hours free!

Add SERVICE ADVANTAGE and have total control over your service and labor cost.

SERVICE ADVANTAGE: Maintenance contracts to control costs and provide the luxury of peace of mind.

A simple service contract can prevent the chaos and panic that an unexpected crash or virus can cause. Often businesses are stopped in their tracks and unable to properly conduct billing or service to clients. Then there is also the uncertainty of who do you call?

Home computer owners also go through the same headaches if not worse when a computer problem occurs. Often they have to handle it on their own, and a simple service call can cost an unexpected $150 or more!

Small businesses, Home Offices and Families cannot afford to staff an IT department and need to be able to depend on a local, fast and responsive support solution that will grow with you as your needs grow.

Sign up for SERVICE ADVANTAGE and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a plan to deal with the unexpected. Your service contract includes the following benefits:

Priority Service
We know how important your time is to you. With SERVICE ADVANTAGE, you'll be at the head of the queue every time you bring in your computer for service or maintenance.

Delivery Service
Don't have time to wait? We'll deliver your repaired computer back to your home or office within a 15-mile radius of our Service Center.

Technical Support
Get hardware and software application support via phone, e-mail, or chat sessions!

picCombine with ONSITE+ hours for 100% controlled cost!