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Telecommunication Consulting

Find out what hundreds of other organizations have discovered: Getting a telecommunication consultant to help with selecting and purchasing data and voice services can save thousands and in some cases millions of dollars!

Not sure which telecommunication solution is really the best for your group? Our vendor neutral process helps you make a solid business decision, by performing a thorough analysis of telecommunication solutions from all vendors that match your needs and applications.

Telecommunication vendors do not like Digital Nuance Solutions Why? Simple, we cut through all of the smoke and mirrors and make sure that our clients get the right solution at the right price from the right telecommunication vendor. If you are looking at our page, odds are that you sat down with multiple telecommunication sales reps, were told that each one had the best package for you and felt a little cheapened by the whole thing by the time you were done. That is what we are here for. We deal with your vendors and bring in new vendors to quote on your business. Think of us as buyer's agents for data and voice services.

We know more than your telecommunication sales rep (or at least more than they are willing to admit). Because we are a vendor neutral telecommunication consultant, we review all vendors and have experience with INSTALLING all types of data and voice services. We know where your telecommunication rep's costs are and can evaluate them based on their profitability.

Why get help? Why not just go it alone?
1. We know what's bottom line. We know the cost structures used by the vendors.
2. Even the best purchasing manager only buys telecommunication services every 3 - 5 years. We do this every day!
3. We have completed hundreds of service agreements and know how to get you the best terms.
4. We have knowledge of all vendors and can give you an unbiased telecommunication service recommendation.

Who do we work with? We work with all telecommunication vendors including: Cogent, TelePacific, Paetec, Covad, CBeyond, QWest, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Time Warner, Cox Communications and more!

We do all the work- You get the right telecommunication solution at the best price, guaranteed!
* evaluate your current phone and data equipment, workflow, pricing and corporate objectives;
* identify "Best In Class" data and voice solutions matching your requirements;
* provide detailed vendor comparisons outlining strengths & limitations vs. your needs;
* develop a telecommunication service request for proposal (RFP) that keeps all vendors on an equal paying field
* analyze telecommunication vendor bid responses against your goals
* assist in final vendor and service selection
* ensure all best practices are retained in the final agreement you sign

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Purchase Consulting

Custom support regarding hardware or software purchases to accomplish specific tasks or business goals. Digital Video, Photography, Publishing, Graphics, Small Business, Corporate, etc. We have escorted customers to local stores to purchase hardware and software and are able to prevent our customers from overspending or purchasing unneeded products pushed by sales personnel. Now, most people just let us do the shopping without worry. If you need it we can get it! If you're out of the area, that's not a problem. We have helped many people over the phone and through email.

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Computer Repair

We are able to repair laptop, desktop and server systems. We are able to resucitate your dead system back to life. Our technicians are masters at retrieving important data from crashed hard drives. Computer viruses have become a common word today. There are individuals out there who gain pleasure from disabling computer systems and deleting your valuable data. We are able to clean your computer of viruses and get it back to running like new again. We are also able to quickly diagnose your computer of hardware and software failures and quickly get replacement parts in your PC.

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Computer Maintenance

Computers need a tune up every so often to keep them running like new. After continued use your system gets bogged down with demanding programs and spyware. Our technicians are able to clean your computer of unneeded programs and files to get it back up to speed.

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Computer Upgrades

The computer industry is an ever changing field with new technologies coming out every week. To keep up with this technology we need to update our hardware and software. Most individuals are not willing to spend $1000+ to replace their computer every year. An alternative to this is to upgrade your current system. This could be adding additional memory or completely replacing the contents of your computer case. Once you purchase quality components you can continue to use them for years and only update components as needed.

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Data Backup and Data Recovery

A data backup system can be designed and configured to meet your needs. If you do not have a backup strategy and encounter data loss, we can (in some cases) recover your data from a failed hard drive or removable media.

Our backup service allows you to receive a physical copy of your data, which gives you the ultimate assurance that your data is safe. With this solution, Digital Nuance will compress and burn your data onto a CD or DVD (depending on size of backup) and ensure that the backup copy is verified against the original files. We can burn CDs or DVDs weekly, monthly, or quarterly and we can even handle one time requests!

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New Equipment Setup

Ok, so you bought before you knew about us? Now you have no idea what to do and are afraid to touch it? Your family member who promised they would be there when you needed them had something come up? Whenever you need us we are there! We can setup your new system, printer, scanner or any other peripheral that you may have.

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Internet Setup

You've got a new system and now you want to get online. Like most people, you see that there are many different internet providers out there. That's where Digital Nuance comes in. We'll help you decide what service provider is best for you, install the software, set up your modem or broadband and make sure everything is up and running for you in the privacy of your own home or office.

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Network Installation and Support

With many of today's homes and businesses having more than one computer, wouldn't it be nice if you could share internet connections, printers, files with all of the computers in your home or business? We can install a network that will allow you to do this. We can even provide seamless integration of your Macintosh and Windows systems!

Wireless Network Installation and Support

Network while moving about! Can you imagine surfing the internet in your backyard or printing a report from a lawn chair? We can do this for you. For the small business with leased office space wireless is the way to go. It is much more cost effective than wired systems resulting in less labor and the ability to move your equipment anytime and anywhere you wish.

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Website Hosting

We are offering some of the best web hosting packages available anywhere. If you have a business or would like a presence on the Web, we have a package that is perfect for you.

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Remote Support

This service is for individuals or businesses who have a basic knowledge of computer software and hardware components and wish to repair their computer themselves. You will be connected with a highly skilled systems technician who will guide you through solving your issues.

Our Remote Support software allows us to control your computer over the internet and make repairs to your computer right from our office! Since we wont have to travel to your location and can accomplish other tasks while performing a Remote Support session, our rate for this service is much lower than what you would pay for an onsite visit.

Premium Support Hours: 8am - 8pm PST , Monday-Sunday

You can get instant solutions to your computer problems directly from our experienced staff whenever the "Live Support" status is ONLINE! Each issue will incur a separate fee- for multiple questions, Remote Support may be the best option.

Chat Support rate of $20 per issue.
Remote Control Support rates start at $50 per incident.

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Individual and Group Training*

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System Rentals*

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